Welcome to the Hornbeam

To the families in our neighbourhood, we’ll be making kid-friendly options for the half-term! Come along, we’re open every day between 12-3pm.

In collaboration with The Gleaners, we run as a pay-what-you-feel cafe so you can pay what is affordable to you (and if you aren’t in a position to pay, take it for free!).

Come get your kids some tasty meals at The Hornbeam with our pay-what-you-feel lunches. In collaboration with The Gleaners

In response to the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, we’ve had to pause all our usual activities and cease regular trading in the cafe in order to provide assistance across our communities and are currently housing the Hornbeam Community Distribution Centre serving Waltham Forest.

Hornbeam Community Distribution Centre

Working together with The Gleaners, Plantlife Kitchen and surplus food suppliers, the community cafe will provide hot, nutritious meals and grocery bags packed with fruit, vegetables, staples, and snacks, to anyone in need of support, whether due to financial strain or self-isolation.

Food can either be collected from us, or delivered straight to the homes of those in isolation through The Hornbeam’s Good Deeds On Bikes volunteer project. We also deliver to other food distribution hubs and mutual aid groups.

Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page to find out more about our current activities, and click below for visual updates!

If you’re here for our ONLINE COOKING WORKSHOPS, please visit the page to find out more!

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