Welcome to the Hornbeam

We are a community organisation based in Walthamstow, London, working with the community on projects around low cost, low-impact living. In collaboration with The Gleaners, we run a pay-what-you-feel cafe so you can pay what is affordable to you (and if you aren’t in a position to pay, take it for free!).

UPDATE: The Gleaners Cafe will re-open in full in January. They will be operating Thurs – Saturdays, 11am – 4pm. Revisit the website for exact opening date in the new year!

Hornbeam Community Distribution Centre

The Hornbeam is still running community food projects locally, redistributing food from The Hornbeam using cycle volunteers and running weekly wellbeing walks. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Volunteering: we are currently accepting volunteers for our Good Deeds on Bikes project and our Wellbeing Walks. Please get in touch with volunteering@hornbeam.org.uk

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