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Job Opportunity: Finance & Admin Coordinator
Part Time 

Application deadline: Friday 8 Oct 2021 5pm

Interviews: Wednesday 13th Oct & Thursday 14th Oct

Hours: 21 hours per week

About The Hornbeam:

The Hornbeam is a community organisation based in Walthamstow, London, working with the community on projects around low cost, low-impact living. We are organized in a flat, non-hierarchical structure and are all on equal pay. We believe in principles of solidarity not charity. Our Vision is of active communities where people have a positive impact on their environment. We currently run a multi-stranded Food Rescue project linked with our independently-run pay-what-you feel café, and an Active Travel project supporting people to connect and get fitter through cycling and walking. 

Role outline  

This role enables The Hornbeam to function effectively by supporting each project team with finances, fundraising and strategy, as well as ensuring the organisation’s overall administration. There is a focus on financial management of the overall budget, working closely with the Active Travel and Food Rescue teams to coordinate the management of their project budgets. The administrator will also facilitate strategy development for The Hornbeam – be responsible for bringing the staff and Board teams together, facilitating strategy meetings and organising follow-ups. Basic HR tasks will also be carried out in this role, with larger HR responsibilities being shared amongst the team. Supporting the teams with fundraising and funder reporting will also be integral to this role. 

We are developing our own internal processes and governance to ensure we work as collaboratively as possible and with genuinely healthy power dynamics, with consent-based decision-making. The new Hornbeam Administrator will take part in this internal development.

This is a varied and interesting role which will suit someone with solid financial management and logistics skills, knowledge of how small community organisations work, and a passion for supporting local environmental action. You might bring transferable skills from another sector, and we’d particularly welcome applications from people with an interest or experience in exploring how self-managing teams work well and making amazing projects happen with limited resources. 

Job responsibilities

1- Financial Management

  • Liaise with a bookkeeper on payments, invoicing, credit control, bank reconciliation, payroll oversight
  • Provide budget oversight to team and directors, supporting project coordinators to have a clear budget for the year/project, which they oversee
  • Produce budget and management reports, and maintain good overview of organisational financial health
  • Liaise with accountant to support the preparation of annual accounts
  • Other financial tasks as necessary

2- Strategic Support/facilitation 

  • Coordinate and on occasion, facilitate meetings around strategic development for the Hornbeam as a whole, being the driving force behind these strategic discussions
  • Support the Active Travel and Food Rescue teams, where required, in team-level strategic development 
  • Take part in governance meetings with directors

3- Administration & HR

  • As a non-hierarchical team, we are working collaboratively to develop operational processes and management practices. Every team member is involved in this work. 
  • You will join the people and policies working group, whose remit is to drive the development of policies (HR, Safeguarding, conflict resolution etc.) with input from all Hornbeam staff members
  • Manage the issuing of employment contracts, and recordkeeping for annual leave and sick leave
  • Field inquiries coming into the info and café email inboxes by redirecting to relevant staff members or dealing with directly
  • Join the relevant working groups where you’ll collaborate with other staff members on issues such as communications, facilities management etc. 
  • Carry out office management tasks, including IT support liaison, stationery supplies etc

4- Fundraising

  • Support colleagues in fundraising and bid writing – particularly in identifying funding gaps in our budget and finding grants / opportunities to apply for
  • Support colleagues with funder reporting as required

5- Facilities management and venue hire

  • Join the facilities working group whose remit is to drive facilities management of The Hornbeam and The Learning Lodge in Chingford. This includes maintaining relationships with Forest Recycling Project on the yard usage which we share, as well as the café team on any maintenance and facilities needs 
  • Responsible for health and safety, ensuring safety checks and risk assessments are carried out as well as insurance policies updated
  • Lead on developing a strategy for venue hire of The Hornbeam and Learning Lodge spaces with other Hornbeam staff members. 

Person specification

Skills and experience:


  • Experience of working with groups of people to achieve common goals
  • Ability to work across a number of different projects simultaneously
  • Ability to communicate information quickly, concisely, creatively and effectively 
  • Understanding of and commitment to Hornbeam values
  • Strong experience of budgeting and financial management
  • An excellent working knowledge of running basic office and financial systems 
  • An ability to keep accurate written records of work 


  • Experience of involvement in community projects
  • Knowledge of Quickbooks or similar software

Personal qualities:

  • Conscientious: able to take responsibility to do a good job, and to be accountable to the work, your colleagues and clients
  • Committed: to social and environmental justice, and community-led solutions 
  • Empathetic: an active listener, working to understand and value different points of view

Salary: £28 095 pro rata (£13.50 per hour)

Mainly Based at: Hornbeam, 458 Hoe Street, London E17 9AH and Learning Lodge, 48 Kings Road, Chingford, E4 7HR

Working Hours:   21 hours per week, flexible

Annual Leave:   28 days per year (pro-rata), including bank holidays

Contract:   Permanent

How to Apply:

Please forward your CV & a cover letter addressed to Sophie at

by: Friday 8 October 2021 midday

You should:

● Save the CV and covering letter as two separate attachments.

● Put “Hornbeam Finance and Admin Coordinator” in your email subject line.

● Keep the covering letter under two pages, and make sure you speak to each of the ‘Essential skills’, as well as any ‘Desirable skills’ you might have.

● As well as that, we’re keen to hear why you think you’re suited to the role, and what you think you’d bring to the team.

● It’d be great if you could let us know where you heard about the vacancy too.

● When it comes to the CV, it should tell us your qualifications and training, previous  experience (paid and/or voluntary), and point us to someone who could be your reference, preferably a more recent employer or volunteering coordinator. It should be about 1-2 pages.

Equal Opportunities: Hornbeam serves a diverse community and encourages applications from women, black and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals so as to reflect the community we work in.

We are committed to supporting people with marginalised identities who are under-represented in our organisation. If you have any questions about the job or how we do things at The Hornbeam before you apply, email and we can arrange a phone call.

The Hornbeam Centre: Vision, Mission and Values

The Hornbeam: a community organisation working with a range of partners in Waltham Forest and beyond.  We offer:  

SPACE for communities to meet in E17 and E4,

TIME and support to develop community initiatives,

SKILLS and knowledge about low cost, low impact living.

Our Vision is of active communities where people have a positive impact on their environment.

Our Mission is to

  • Inspire people to think about how we live our lives and use resources
  • Empower community-led action and support new initiatives that lead to positive environmental and social change

Our values are what drive us and inform our way of working:

  • We are inclusive and people-focused: we believe people of all backgrounds and abilities have a role in achieving a just future for all of us and our environment, and we engage with the concerns and passions of individuals & community groups.
  • We are creative and collaborative: we believe that innovation will help us to achieve the change we want to see, and that by working alongside partners and local community groups we will make that change lasting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • We are committed to the careful use of resources, both environmental and human.
  • We are committed to being transparent in our governance and in how we communicate with partners and supporters
  • We are committed to remaining relevant to our community and conscious of the priorities of the people we work with

Our Partners:

Our main partners are the people that make up and run the Hornbeam. We each are working towards sustainable living & work cooperatively together to complete projects.  

  • FRP (Forest Recycling Project):  Recycled paint, furniture and a surplus food project.  Next door to the Hornbeam E17.
  • OrganicLea: Grow food locally, distribute produce and train others to do the same.  Have a 12 acre growing site in Waltham Forest
  • HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Training): Keeping local people warm and safe in their homes and helping tackle climate change

Bright Sparks: working with local authorities to collect unwanted household items and divert them from landfill protecting the environment and creating local jobs.