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Job Opportunity:  Food Rescue Coordinator at The Hornbeam (Part Time)

About The Hornbeam

A community organisation working with a range of partners in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

We are organized in a flat, non-hierarchical structure and are all on equal pay. We believe in principles of solidarity not charity.

Please see the end of this page for our values, vision and mission.

 About the role

We are looking for a coordinator to join the Hornbeam team working across a variety of  community projects with a focus on Food Rescue – working with surplus food, food redistribution, developing a network of surplus food providers, developing and supporting local food hubs – all of which is about preventing food waste and tackling food poverty on a localised community level.

This and other projects you will be working on resides under our Low-Cost Living initiative, which seeks to engage people in activities that support reducing financial, health and environmental costs. 

This position will involve working very closely with another part-time food rescue coordinator, sharing responsibilities across the week and overlapping and complementing work across the project in order to expand it.

It is an adaptable and changeable role as the Food Rescue project is continually evolving in response to community needs and funding opportunities. Currently, the Hornbeam is functioning as a Food Redistribution Centre in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Food Rescue project in its current form will evolve from this into a longer-term solution which is sustainable and the Food Rescue Coordinator will be involved in developing this.

In addition to the focus on Food Rescue, there will also be work on developing internal structures and policies within The Hornbeam, contributing to comms, facilities and maintenance work when on site, volunteer management, strategy and development. There is ample opportunity to develop this role further.

3 days a week (21 hours), £13.50 per hour, for 6 months with possibility to extend with new funding 

Key Responsibilities:

·  Develop a network of surplus food providers. We currently have existing relationships with the main surplus food providers but in order to build resilience, we would need to develop this further and establish relationships with more local food businesses.

·   Be present on site at The Hornbeam on Hoe Street to coordinate the daily functioning of the Redistribution Center. This involves:

o   Volunteer management

o   Coordinating incoming surplus food deliveries, food sorting, composting and food redistribution to other food hubs in the borough (logistics)

o   Liaising with food hubs and the food rescue team about surplus food coming in and out, recording this data

· Work in targeted geographical communities and reach out to engage local people in various forms of social action to develop solutions to local food poverty and social isolation issues 

·  Writing funding applications for Food Rescue and related projects

·  Ensuring project outcomes are delivered and monitoring and evaluation requirements are met and fed back to funders

·  Upkeep of facilities and waste management on site

 About the person we are looking for:

We are looking for someone who is passionate about community organizing, reducing our negative impact on the environment in a sustainable way and getting stuck-in with the community.

Essential skills:

  1. Experience in delivering projects, evaluating and reporting to funders
  2. Experience in working within a community setting / community organising
  3. A strong head for logistics and problem-solving
  4. Experience in supporting volunteers within a community setting
  5. Strong leadership skills, with an ability to involve, motivate and support paid staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.
  6. An innovative and flexible approach to work
  7. An understanding of working in a small community organisation where responsibility for the overall running of the organisation is shared collectively among staff and directors

Salary: £24,570 pro-rata (£14,742 per annum) 

Mainly Based at: Hornbeam, 458 Hoe Street, London E17 9AH 

Working Hours: 21 hours per week, flexible (with a possibility to increase to 24.5 hours) 

Annual Leave: 28 days per year including bank holidays  (pro-rata) 

Contract: Fixed term six months in the first instance

Equal Opportunities: Hornbeam serves a diverse community and welcomes applications from women, black and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals so as to reflect the community we work in

Vision, Mission and Values 

We offer: 

SPACE for communities to meet in E17 and E4, TIME and support to develop community initiatives, SKILLS and knowledge about low cost, low impact living. 

Our Vision is of active communities where people have a positive impact on their environment. 

Our Mission is to 

● Inspire people to think about how we live our lives and use resources 

● Empower community-led action and support new initiatives that lead to positive environ- mental and social change 

Our values are what drive us and inform our way of working: 

● We are inclusive and people-focused: we believe people of all backgrounds and abilities have a role in achieving a just future for all of us and our environment, and we engage with the concerns and passions of individuals & community groups. 

● We are creative and collaborative: we believe that innovation will help us to achieve the change we want to see, and that by working alongside partners and local community groups we will make that change lasting. 

● We are committed to the careful use of resources, both environmental and human. 

● We are committed to being transparent in our governance and in how we communicate with partners and supporters 

● We are committed to remaining relevant to our community and conscious of the priorities of the people we work with

Forward CV to

Closing date Thursday 30 July 12 noon

Interviews to be scheduled for Monday 3 August 10 am – 4 pm