Use Your Loaf – February Supper Club!

This month’s fork to fork supper: 

This Saturday!  27th February, 7.30pm  £20

The menu has been finalised and we are putting the finishing touches to the quiz that will accompany your culinary experience!


Organic Root Veg Fries with Aioli Blanco & Salmorejo Dip
Cox’s Apple and Celeriac Soup with Toasted Sage and Fresh Horseradish Shavings
served with Garlic Crostini
Spicy Seasonal Tagine served in a Country Style Sourdough Loaf with Red Cabbage Sauerkraut 
Cardamom Shortbread with Chocolate Ganache and Blood Orange Slices
Toffee Apple Thins


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Bread is the most wasted food in the country, with 24 million slices a year  going in the bin. We are planning a menu that is refreshing, delicious and makes innovative use of surplus bread.

“We are taking a new look at surplus food and would like to give people ideas of what they can do with it…” Ricardo, volunteer

Bring your friends – and your neighbours! The menu will include at least three courses, a few new twists and there will be a Foodie Quiz…

Book your tickets now and tell your friends!   Check back for a preview of the menu soon!

Surplus funds raised from this project will go into our continuing core projects working to share a message of sustainable food such as Hornbeam Community Mondays and Film Nights.