We have to make shorter and fewer journeys and use low carbon transport modes if we are to make serious efforts to tackle climate change. This means more walking & cycling, and much less motor vehicle transport.

Whilst rocketing energy prices over the next few years will radically reduce private car use, 100 years of car centric street design has left an unfortunate legacy of streets that are designed as high speed & capacity transport corridors and kerbside canyons of low cost car parking.

So we have to recreate our neighbourhood streets as places where our children can play in safety, we can chat with our neighbours, and walking and cycling is safe, enjoyable and thus the most popular for of transport.

There are many ways of doing this, such as more 10 or 20mph zones, pedestrianisation, road closures, planting of street trees, decluttering our pavements of obstacles, improving cycle training, more zebra crossings, access to low cost bikes, convivial community walks, fun cycling events, …

How to take action

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