Hornbeam has a zero waste policy, and produces around around 1/3 bin bag of landfill waste per week from the entire building; this includes the cafe, kitchen, and 7-8 office users. Users work hard to reuse as much as possible, and recycle almost everything that can’t be reused, including paper hand towels.
Minimisation of e-waste is by reusing PCs discarded by others and running the Ubuntu operating system; this is much less resource hungry than Windows and thus runs better

For the cafe operation:

  • No bottled water is sold, it only serves tap water in reusable glasses.
  • The Cafe is a member of tapwater.org, offering free tap water to all members of the public.
  • Usage of reusable china plates & mugs, metal cutlery
  • No disposable items sold except the very occasional use of cardboard cartons for take-away food (the cartons are recyclable)
  • Offers a refill service of environmentally friendly cleaning fluids to customers who bring their own bottles to reuse
  • Purchase of most ingredients in bulk to minimise packaging (this also delivers cost saving)
  • All cafe food waste is split into cooked for the wormery, the rest for composting, and taken to OrganicLea’s food growing site at Hawkwood in Chingford

We are working towards reducing our energy and water footprint; click this link for a summary of what we have achieved, and our plans for further reductions.

We also work closely with the Forest Recycling Project.