Hornbeam wants to encourage local people and businesses to use less energy and to switch to renewable sources of energy. To do this we work closely with partner organisations on a number of initiatives:

  • Climate Change Roadshow
    These are events aimed at raising awareness of the actions that we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint. They take place in and around Waltham Forest and are run by Hornbeam in collaboration with HEET, Forest Recycling Project, OrganicLea and Transition Waltham Forest. (To get involved or learn more contact Tom on 020 8520 1900)
  • EcoTeams
    An EcoTeam is a group of 6-8 people who meet to make simple, effective changes for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The team meets once a month for 4-5 months where they share ideas on saving resources, shopping ethically, saving energy and travelling wisely.  Throughout the project team members carry out simple monitoring so they can see their own ‘before’ and ‘after’ results. Resources to help run the group are provided by Global Action Plan who also deliver team leaders with accredited training. (If you want to join an EcoTeam, train as a leader or find out more contact Liz on 020 8520 1900)
  • Solar Power
    Hornbeam is a founder member of GREEN, which has installed solar panels to generate electricity (photovoltaics) at two sites (as at Oct 2012).