Gardening for Wildlife

Gardening for Wildlife in Waltham Forest is our latest advice pack and comes in the form of a series of leaflets covering different aspects of working with nature to get the best out of your garden. Click the links to download the leaflets in pdf version


FACTSHEET No.1 Window Boxes and Containers

FACTSHEET No.2 Compost Magic

FACTSHEET No.3 Companion Planting

FACTSHEET No.4 Slugs and Other Intruders


FACTSHEET No.6 Butterflies

FACTSHEET No.7 Lawns and Meadows


FACTSHEET No.9 Organic Weed Control

FACTSHEET No.10 Insects: Friends and Foes

And here’s a page-turnable pdf of the whole pack:

Gardening for Wildlife in Waltham Forest pack of 10 leaflets

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