Walk the Loop: The Beauty of Bark

Wed 14th Feb 2018
2:00pm - 4:00pm

The Learning Lodge

The Beauty of Winter: The beauty of bark

Winter can seem a dark, depressing time but look closer and you realise it is full of interest and appeal. The distraction of leaves and flowers is partly gone so that you can discover the pure bones of nature – the stones, the pebbles, the contour of twigs and branches, the striations of bark and so much more. You can also enjoy the raw sensations of wind and rain so long as you are wrapped up warm and take appropriate precautions if there is treacherous weather.

Over half-term, we are going to celebrate this through three sessions:

12 Feb:     10-12pm  The beauty of pebbles

14 Feb:     2-4pm       The beauty of bark

16 Feb:     2-4pm     The beauty of wind

During the sessions, you will go on scavenger hunts, observing and exploring. You can then join us indoors to capture the beauty of what you have seen through rubbings, painting and printing. For our Friday session, you will have the chance to make mobiles and wind chimes and your own weather vane.

Walk the Loop is a small charity which promotes the well-being, learning and development of children and those responsible for their care through walking in nature and related activities. We are running some events over the February half term. The first one is the Beauty of Pebbles and Stones. Further details on the event to follow.

For whom: Children aged 0-8 with their parent-carers; older siblings are welcome.

Events are £2 for children aged 2 and above. There is no charge for younger children.

WhereThe Hornbeam Learning Lodge at Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, off Kings Road, Chingford, E4 7HR