Food Rescue Mondays

Mon 22nd Aug 2022
10:00am - 3:00pm

The Hornbeam Café

Every Monday the normal cafe is closed and we hold a Food Rescue People’s Kitchen – making and eating a delicious lunch made from surplus food donated from local shops, growers and restaurants that would have otherwise been wasted.

Would you like to help save quality surplus food from landfill and get it into the mouths of our local community instead?

Join us any Monday when the Hornbeam opens its doors to teams of volunteers with diverse backgrounds, ages, life experiences, and support needs, who come together to connect over food by collecting, cooking, and redistributing surplus food.

The day centres around preparing, cooking and eating a pay-what-you-can, communal vegan feast served to the public from 1-2pm, all prepared using ingredients that were destined for landfill!

Our food preparation and cooking team usually consists of individuals with different levels of experience, including facilitators who wish to share their skills, those who wish to skill-up and develop their cooking abilities for free, and those with support needs who are looking to develop their independence.

Our Food Surplus stall

The day’s other activities include a donation-based food stall from which people can take surplus food — saving money while helping us all to waste less food as a society — as well as plenty of organising all of our incoming surplus food to be redistributed out to different community centres and projects.

Many users of the stalls are now more involved in the project, working in the kitchen, running the stalls, or picking up donated food by bike to build and inspire a more resilient, well-connected community in line with the values of low-cost, low-impact living.

Getting food to people, not to landfill

Together our network of over 50 volunteers are rescuing approximately 400kg of food into the hands of well over 100 different beneficiaries each week. We are currently growing this network to increase the impact of the project and make it more sustainable, so please do contact us if you’d like to get involved in any way.

There is no need to commit to each week — in fact, since we have limited capacity, this allows us to offer opportunities of involvement to more people. Pop-in and join us any Monday to take part (ring the doorbell if nobody is downstairs) or just come and learn about other volunteering roles. 

More detail about Food Rescue volunteering roles.

Alternatively, email or fill in this form.

Food is served 1pm, or come and help make the lunch and join us at 10am to prep the food.

Everyone welcome so come and share lunch with others who live and work locally.

People's Kitchen menu
People’s Kitchen menu changes every week depending on what’s delivered.

Do tell your neighbours, friends and  colleagues!

People’s Kitchen volunteer preparing food