London launch of Dinners to your Door

Tue 7th Nov 2017
1:00pm - 3:00pm

The Hornbeam Café

Are you a retired older vegan or vegetarian, or someone involved in commissioning services for the same such as a local politician, care catering manager, housing association or social worker?

Then register for a free place at charity V for Life’s delicious pop-up vegan lunch club.

The event will be a celebration of Meals on Wheels Week and World Vegan Month, 2017. It will also mark the London launch of V for Life’s new meal delivery guide, Dinners to your Door.

There’ll be free food, friendly company, a wealth of free resources, and tips on providing an inclusive and cost-effective catering service. Pre-booking is essential.

Why the event?

The event falls at the start of Meals on Wheels Week, which this year runs from 6–10 November 2017. Meals on Wheels Week is a National Association of Care Catering (NACC)-led initiative. Its aim is to promote the importance of the service in reducing malnutrition in our communities. The event neatly coincides with World Vegan Month, too!

Who is the Dinners to your Door guide for?

An estimated 40,000 older adults in Greater London are vegetarian or vegan. While most of these are in glowing health and still cook for themselves, others may be more vulnerable. Vegetarian for Life’s 2014 survey suggests that over 22% of London care homes have vegetarian or vegan residents. Others rely on community meals services, such as ‘meals on wheels’, as a lifeline to living independently.

V for Life’s newly-released Dinners to your Door guide shows it’s possible to enjoy the convenience of having ready meals delivered directly to your home without having to compromise your vegetarian or vegan principles.

Please show your support by booking a place at this lunch club. And why not pick up free copies of the guide to distribute locally to ensure that it reaches those most in need?

For more information and to reserve your free place, please contact Marguerite on 0161 257 0887 or by email: