Wed 5th Dec 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Hornbeam Café

Let’s Talk About Periods. 
& Meow Kacha present:

PMT and other brain storms

Why is it so easy to dismiss a woman displaying strong emotion as “only hormones” or “that time of the month”? Conversely, how is it that actual symptoms of premenstrual tension are regarded as socially unacceptable and (heaven forbid!) “unfeminine”?
Our next LTAP event will focus on this complex, sensitive and contentious topic, starting with an open forum discussion.

The forum will be followed by a short programme of unique creative voices, exploring the wider perception of female expression of emotion in today’s world, courtesy of monthly performance platform Meow Kacha.

Let’s Talk About Periods. is a series of events looking to understand and challenge attitudes towards menstruation.  They provide a safe space for people to share and learn from one another, reclaiming and celebrating the process that gave us all life.