Hornbeam Herbals: winter chestiness + nourishing ourselves into the spring

Thu 8th Feb 2018
7:30pm - 10:00pm

The Hornbeam Café

The frogs in the throat and the lingering coughs seem to be widespread this year: come join our lively monthly plant medicine & knowledge-sharing evening at the warm and cosy Hornbeam Cafe to collect and exchange useful herbal and food remedy ideas, life practices and experiences.

We will listen and learn from each other’s lurgy tales! – taste a healing respiratory tea – mix a blend to take home – and together create a recipe for a potent anti-infective herbal medicine from our collective tips from the winter – thinking mushrooms, roots and spices to support immune balance and address the catarrh, coughs, and energy depletion that the winter can bring.

We’ll look at where and how we can find these healing herbs and also think about ways to nourish our systems in preparation for the season transition into spring, with cleansing and nutritionally rich wild greens.

Join us!

Tickets £10 – available here