Hornbeam Herbals: Hawthorn Berry Heart Medicine

Thu 27th Sep 2018
7:30pm - 10:00pm

The Hornbeam Café

Join Hedge Herbs & friends for an evening experiencing the bright red nourishment and healing energy of the Hawthorn tree’s autumn fruits – the Haws.

Hornbeam Herbals returns for our monthly plant medicine learning & making sessions at Walthamstow’s well-loved community vegan cafe.

This September we will learn about the Hawthorn berry, gleaming in round redness just now on the marshes and byways and towpaths.

Rich in lore and legend, this ancient tree offers a bounty of medicine for humans and other creatures, and in our healing cabinet has a special place, with affinity for the heart, blood and circulation. Come join us to find out more: what the actions and uses are of the berry, how we can gather and prepare them into food and medicine, and how we can blend them with other kitchen herbs to make potent healthful concoctions. Colourful and fun!

£10 per person – take home a remedy and the recipe.

Tickets available here