John Byrne at Hornbeam and FRP

John ByrneAt the start of 2013  The Hornbeam Centre’s loft was almost impassable due to being full of innumerable but potentially useful objects ranging from 2 old leaky water tanks, a tea chest, several desks and chairs, and building materials from the buildings refurbishment 20 years ago. However the chaos me

ant that many items were effectively lost as they sank under the next wave of offerings.

Just before Christmas Forest Recycling Project volunteer John Byrne came to the rescue, offering to put down a proper wooden floor, and install shelving throughout.

No one realised just how big this exercise would be; it ended up taking 2 days a week of his time for 3 months, during which he reused 350 wooden planks from dozens of pallets, laid down 2 layers of flooring, and constructed a huge shelving system. The shelving has created much additional valuable storage space, and Hornbeam users are now able to find what they need quickly. John also panelled 2 walls which had exposed insulation on them, and carefully boxed in ducting and a number of water pipes.

The Hornbeam Centre owes a huge vote of thanks to John, who we reckon has saved it at least £2,500 in labour costs, and well over £1,000 in wood and other materials.

One thought on “John Byrne at Hornbeam and FRP”

  1. Would love to see how the wooden pallets were used: it isn’t clear if they were used for shelving alone or if they may also have been used for flooring.
    I’d love to know more and wonder if there might be a way to be a “copycat” in making my own attic more useable!
    (I’m throwing out a huge hint for a workshop or something similar, albeit I suspect my woodwork skills would let me down in practical terms!

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