Ian Larkin at Organiclea

I was made redundant in December 2009 after many years of service. My career was put on hold and I was at a crossroad in my life, wondering what to do next.


My redundancy gave me an opportunity to follow a dream but I had neither the skills nor the courage to risk such an adventure. At the end of January 2010 a neighbour advised me that Organiclea welcomed volunteers at their Hawkwood Nursery. I came to an Open Day and saw the activities on offer. It only took a day working at Hawkwood to find myself a vocation, and to come to the decision that growing fruit and vegetables was my future. The day I met Nicole, Clare and Ru was the day my life irrevocably changed!

Being at Hawkwood reminds me of my childhood when there was still so much undeveloped and open land, and as far as the eye could see there were trees, meadows and not a house in sight. I especially like the permaculture principles practiced here namely, people care, earth care and fair share. I appreciate the welcoming and friendly community environment aspect of the site and enjoy the liberating, invigorating enlivening and empowering ambience.

I like being an integral part of a community rather than a cog in a multinational food growing machinery. I feel that everyday at Hawkwood is a bit like Christmas because it is an opportunity to be social and generous and celebrate each others’ company and by working together and by sharing this time here we can become enriched, appreciate life and live all the better.