Hornbeam Hosts Fair Flowers!

Anna’s Fab Fair Flowers: on-off or weekly flower arrangements in biodegradeable display and re-usable containers, here at the Hornbeam E17

IMG_20160830_102829Anna is a lovely young women who’s studying floristry at college.  She has a lot to offer but has learning difficulties and suffers from epilepsy.  While  her mum, Mary, was mulling over what the future might hold she dreamed up Anna’s Fab Fair Flowers.  Mary is a long term Organiclea customer who  previously ran a fair trade shop.  Following in her daughter’s footsteps she’s now taken a floristry course too. What’s on offer is beautiful Organiclea flowers/foliage at 50p a stem arranged in posies, bouquets or in a fab selection of recycled/fair trade containers.  Customers can buy the containers or opt to return them the following week without charge.  Arrangements may be bought at the Hornbeam stall on Saturdays, collected on Wednesdays (with the fruit & veg) or delivered locally on Wednesday evening, Thursday or Saturday. Please contact Mary for more information.

mrobertson.gordon@greenisp.co.uk;020 8925 4772;  075 799 65982.