Spring into Foraging

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Spring into Foraging is going online to keep you connected with nature and the community around you.

Join the Facebook Spring into Foraging community to share recipes and tips for foraging in these times.

APRIL – Herbs for Health at Home

PART 1: Online Foraging Walk
Wednesday 15th April, 10-11am

Get to know the spring plants that will support our respiratory and immune system health at this time of year. These are easy to find and identify. We will send some herb cards you can use with kids so they can start to identify and learn about our plant allies.

PART 2: Making medicine with springtime healing allies
Sunday 19th April, 10.30-11.30pm

After the online walk you will have the chance to go out and forage herbs near you to prepare some herbal medicine. We’ll prepare a soothing cough syrup together with harvested leaves and flowers and share knowledge about their helpful properties. Chance for Q&A after and sharing your recipes, tips and feedback.

Book here: herbsforhealthathome.eventbrite.co.uk

APRIL – The Healing of Trees

Online Foraging Walk
Monday 27 April, 11am-12noon

As we head into the ever-rising energy of summer, let’s look at our local trees with their leaves, buds and flowers that can offer medicine at this time of year. Wonderful steadfast beings, trees can offer us all sorts of comfort and we can open our eyes to their physical as well as spiritual medicine.

Book here: healingoftrees.eventbrite.co.uk

MAY – First Aid in the Fields

PART 1- Online Foraging Walk
Saturday 9 May, 11am-12noon 
Online foraging walk

We’ll look closely at some of the abundance of meadow plants growing in our city’s wild spaces that have been traditionally used to soothe and heal cuts and grazes, sores and burns, injuries and upsets. And the ways that you can prepare them to do this when you’re out and about.

PART 2 – Making Medicine for First Aid at Home
Friday 15 May, 12.30-1.30pm
Online medicine making workshop

After the virtual walk you will have the chance to go out and forage herbs near you to prepare some herbal medicine. We’ll show you how to make some of those ‘first aid herbs’ into remedies that you can add to your home medicine chest for little acute situations like injuries or fever.

Book here: fieldfirstaid.eventbrite.co.uk

MAY – Soothing the soul with plant medicine

Online Foraging Walk
Monday 25 May, 10-11am

Unfurling and rising up, the joyous energy of our wild friends is a salve for tired, stressed and worn out humans after this time that’s been new and hard. Let’s meet the blossoms that are opening all around and find out what support they can offer us in body and mind.

Book here: southingsoul.eventbrite.co.uk

JUNE – Medicine for our Cyclical Rhythms for Women & Non-binary folks

PART 1: Online Foraging Walk
Saturday 6th June, 11-12p

We will be sharing knowledge about and learn to identify the plant allies that we can use to support our hormonal and other cycles through the day, month and year.

PART 2: Medicine Making for our Cyclical Rhythms
Thursday 11 June, 12-1pm

After the online walk you will have the chance to go out and forage herbs near you to prepare some herbal medicine. Making supportive remedies with wildcrafted plants of early summer, that can support and address health issues around hormonal and digestive cycles.

Book here: cyclicalrhythms.eventbrite.co.uk

JUNE – Flowers & aromatic power

Online Foraging Walk

Friday 19th June, 10-11am

As we come to the sun’s highest point, the midsummer solstice, let’s revel in the flowers that are at full power and offering us food, medicine and healing rich with this special energy of the season. Meeting wild herbs of the land around us in their glorious life and splendour and finding out how we can harvest and prepare them for the medicine chest later in the year.

Book here: aromaticpower.eventbrite.co.uk