Felicia Ruperti


Felicia at People's Kitchen
Felicia Ruperti
We are sharing a beautifully written post written by Organiclea in memory of our co-worker and friend Felicia Ruperti who died last Friday 17 March. 
Some of you will know Felicia well, and some not at all. She worked with such compassion and care and joy running OrganicLea‘s jamming project at the Hornbeam every Community Monday with Kim and supporting people to learn with such grace, kindness and humour.  
There is a memorial website that has been set up for her as many friends and family won’t be social media users. http://felicia.ruperti.muchloved.com/
She stated that she didn’t want a funeral or memorial but said: ‘If you would like to do something, then please plant a tree. Maybe a fruit or nut tree, or native trees – something the bees like to buzz around, that people or wildlife can eat, maybe a home for insects and birds.” We will share any information about this as we hear more.
Thinking of the lovely Felicia, we will miss her very much – may she rest in peace.  xxxx
Felicia at Organiclea
Felicia at Organiclea
We were deeply saddened to learn the news of Felicia Ruperti‘s death on Friday 17 March 2017. Felicia was more than a colleague, she was a friend. Anyone who came into contact with Felicia recognised that she was a force for change. She was committed to making the world a better place and everything she did reflected that. She was kind, generous with her time and incredibly enthusiastic about any project she worked on.

To share some of the work that Felicia has been doing with us during her time at OrganicLea: Felicia (or Felic) to some, came to us in the summer of 2015. Within a year, she had grown Farm Start from a project in its infancy to one that surpassed even our ambitions: seven growing sites in London and rural environs, providing opportunities for new entrants to organic horticulture and boosting the local food economy.
You don’t just happen upon land in and around London: Felicia had to sweet-talk, badger, and negotiate relentlessly to get hold of it; bury herself in legal contracts; and provide practical and moral support to our Farm Starters, all with the same high level of dedication and organisation.
One of said Farm Starters was Felicia herself: she spent a day a week working with Farook at the Marsh Lane Kitchen Garden, growing food exclusively for the Clove Club restaurant as part of our explorations into Chef Supported Agriculture. Another day of the week she could be found at the Hornbeam kitchen, generating a range of delicious preserves from our surplus fruit and veg, whilst training people up in home economics. She appeared to be able to turn her hand to most things, and walking the talk came naturally to her. Both of these ventures she gave herself to fully, right into the last week of her life.
Felicia was always much more than her job: she threw herself into the life and culture of the OrganicLea co-operative, fearlessly taking on public speaking responsibilities and cleaning duties with the same gutsy enthusiasm. She shared our vision for the transformation of the destructive food system into a just, sustainable one, participating in various activities and networks pushing for this wider change.

Felicia was sensitive to the exploitation of the world and the suffering of others. This understanding and empathy informed her activism, and made her more effective. It is inescapably sad that the world has lost a gifted community food activist at a time when such people are sorely needed. This sadness is outshone though, by our gratitude for the passion and skill that Felicia generously lent our community and movement in her time here. Although she died too young, Felicia experienced much in her life and gave so much to others. We feel lucky to have known Felicia and will always treasure the memories of her.