Crafty Monday: Delightful Decoupage!

jennyandamyrecyclingCommunity Monday 8th February: Can you TRANSFORM our recycling bins?!

Help!  our recycling bins are rubbish!  This Monday we’ll have Poppy from This is Rubbish and Laura:  Artillery showing us how to transform them with decoupage (posh word for tearing and sticking).  Can you help re-imagine the boring white bins into something like this…?!

comic decoupage

Maybe not exactly like this. But you get the idea!

bird-feederWe’ll also be making woodland animals and birdboxes out of tetrapacks ahead of the Woodland Parade on 20th February.  Please bring a juice carton if you’d like to make one.

All welcome, kids will love the sticking part we’re sure!  And it’s probably even more therapeutic than adult colouring.  If we get the bins done we’ll all get lunch!

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