Community Monday May 16th: Making Willow Plant Frames

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Guest Workshop for next week’s Community Monday:  A taster for September’s Cultivate Festival.

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“For Cultivate’s Spring Season we shared seeds for climbing cucumbers, runner beans and french beans. So what are they going to climb up? willowplantfroames

Join Laura and Morag in making willow obelisks to support the creeping tendrils of climbing plants. Versatile and easy to manipulate, willow obelisks can be made to suit pot grown plants or those in open ground.

We especially look forward to hearing other people’s ingenious and cost effective solutions for growing in small spaces.

Bring secateurs if you have them, and gloves if you’ve got delicate skin.
Let us know if you’re coming if you can by clicking ‘Going’ on the facebook page and please share it with others.
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