Come to Dinner!

comefordinnerbannerWe’d like to invite you to join us for dinner – to make plans, and be involved in making The Hornbeam a sustainable place for people to meet, enjoy each others’ company, campaign and learn.

It takes all of us to keep the space and projects going ; and there are many people who have been involved, and others who would like to see the Hornbeam continue.  Are you already part of this?  Would you like to be more involved in our future?

Come for Dinner on Sunday 20th March at 8pm
Norman Loves and the Cafe will cook us some great food, Amy and Rebecca will tell you what’s been going on at the Hornbeam what we need to do in the next year to continue and thrive.

We have 20 spaces. Please email and tell us:
How you’ve been involved so far – a coffee in the cafe… known us for 20 years…?!
Why you’d like to come for dinner – what you think could happen to the Hornbeam and what you’d like to bring to it.

Thanks so much, and see you for dinner!