Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision is of active communities where people have a positive impact on their environment.

Our mission is to

  • Inspire people to think about how we live our lives and use resources
  • Empower community-led action and support new initiatives that lead to positive environmental and social change

Our values are what drive us and inform our way of working:

  • We are inclusive and people-focused: we believe people of all backgrounds and abilities have a role in achieving a just future for all of us and our environment, and we engage with the concerns and passions of individuals and community groups.
  • We are creative and collaborative: we believe that innovation will help us to achieve the change we want to see, and that by working alongside partners and local community groups we will make that change lasting.
  • We are committed to the careful use of both human and environmental resources
  • We are committed to being transparent in our governance and in how we communicate with partners and supporters
  • We are committed to remaining relevant to our community and conscious of the priorities of the people we work with


Last updated April 2014