Opening hours 11am – 5pm Tuesday to Sunday

Our menu changes daily, and uses produce from the Organiclea Box Scheme and Market Stall.

We are passionate about using surplus and reducing food waste.
Please come inside to find what’s for lunch today, displayed on our menu board or follow us on twitter @hornbeamcafe and facebook Hornbeam Cafe.

Wholesome lunches made from locally grown seasonal, organic ingredients from £2 for snacks – £5.80 for large plates


Today’s menu

  • Menu Thursday 30th May - Spicy “Kerala” Soup (Gluten Free – w/ Chickpeas, potatoes, carrot & Spinach) served w/ home-made bread; – Watercress, Mixed Nuts & Spring Onion Pesto mixed with Fusilli Pasta & served w/ Salad; – Freshly Baked Wholemeal Ciabatta bread served with Salad (Hawkwood Mixed Salad Leaves, Cucumber, Carrots, Leeks, Spinach & Pak Choi) plus home-made Hummus mixed with olives. For Dessert, we have a lovely Lemon & Kiwi Pudding Cake, Choc Peanut Butter Pillows, Tahini & Almond Cookies and more…. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogleEmailMorePrint

Our menu is also broadcast daily via twitter @hornbeamcafe and facebook Hornbeam Cafe


Sample menus


  • Mushroom, chestnut & lentil soup with fresh bread £3.50
  • Home made ciabatta, garlick-y tomato sauce and hummus £3.80/£5
  • Leek & turnip quiche, Hawkwood leaves with beetroot, sesame and chili £3.80/£5


  • panzanella (roast peppers, tomatoes, basil & bread salad), leaf salad & tabbouleh £3.80/£5
  • focaccia with stuffed baked tomatoes & courgettes (thyme, almonds, garlic & chilli) £3.80/£5
  • chilled roast aubergine & tahini soup with crusty bread and roast pepper salsa £3.50


  • minestrone with pumpkin and roasted walnut pesto £3.50
  • roast spiced parsnip mash with Kashmiri style red bean curry £3.80/£5
  • onion focaccia with chard and potato pie and salad £3.80/£5


  • majadara (Middle eastern lentils and rice) with crunchy Winter salad £3.80/£5
  • ‘frittata’ – tofu and chickpea patties with tomato sauce and greens £3.80/£5
  • spicy split pea soup with harissa £3.50



Other savouries and snacks:

We also have home made savoury snacks, vegan sausage sandwiches and toast with jams and spreads. All our bread is made by our chefs or the Hornbeam Bakers’ collective.

Cakes etc:

We have a wide and daily-changing selection of cakes, muffins, truffles, pies and biscuits


teas, coffees, soft drinks, wine, beers, cider and spirits are available.


Main meals served 12-3 on weekdays and 12-4 on Saturdays.
All food is dairy and egg free (with lots of gluten-free/nut-free items), but we offer milk and soya milk for coffee and tea.
We use organic vegetables from local growers, and follow a sustainable, ethical sourcing policy, supporting fairtrade, local and organic products


Saturday brunch

Cauliflower flan

  • served with various mixed leaf salads


Marrow and Courgette Bake

  • served with red cabbage coleslaw and toasted sweetcorn


Sweet Potato Satay

  • served with red cabbage coleslaw and toasted sweetcorn