Excellent locally grown food

The Hornbeam Cafe caters for meetings and events held in the building or elsewhere locally.
We cook fresh, seasonal, vegetarian, dairy-free food which is high in flavour, low on processed ingredients and reasonably priced.

Our vegetables are organic and locally grown, so our menu will vary according to what is available.
We can cater for special dietary requirements.


Hotter weather menu

Focaccias £3.00/head
Laden with tasty seasonal toppings such as

  • peppers
  • aubergines
  • tomatoes
  • courgettes
  • onions
Combinations of the above with basil, thyme or rosemary
We also do a gluten-free ‘coca’ – Spanish pastry-pizza with the same toppings.
Big seasonal salad £6.50 / head

All salads include our house salad, on the side or mixed in as appropriate: a variety of locally grown edible leaves, flowers and herbs, eg

  • Panzanella – tomato, roast peppers, garlic, basil and bread
  • Escalivada – grilled red peppers, aubergines and red onions with potatoes and basil
  • Courgette, butter beans and tomatoes with mint, dill, almonds and preserved lemons


Colder weather menu

Focaccias   £3.00/head
Laden with tasty seasonal toppings such as
  • onions, olives and rosemary
  • pumpkin, red onions, chilli and sage
  • za-atar and leeks
  • sun dried tomatoes with thyme
  • chard, hazelnut and preserved lemon
We also do a gluten-free ‘coca’ – Spanish pastry-pizza with the same toppings.
Seasonal and hearty soup £4.50/head – £6.50/head
Served with plain or laden focaccia as a filling or light meal – large or small portions available.
  • Ribollita – Big Tuscan cannellini bean soup with cavolo nero and bread
  • Minestra – big soup with pulses, tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables
  • Chana dal – thick split pea soup with curry spices, ginger and garlic
  • Root vegetable soup with harissa or roast garlic or greens


  • roast/poached fruit with cookies £3/head
  • cakes £3/head
  • sweet breads/bars/brownies £2.50/head
  • cookies from 60p
  • fresh fruit  –  prices vary, please ask



  • Minimum order usually £80
  • Biodegradable crockery & cutlery available at cost
  • There will be a deposit on containers of £25, refunded on return of clean containers
  • Delivery £20, or free for local orders over £120


Placing orders

Please email cafe@hornbeam.org.uk to let us know your catering requirements.
We will call you to discuss your event.
Order to be confirmed and 10% deposit paid at least two weeks before event.
All menu items are handmade at the Hornbeam café using local, organic and/or fair-trade ingredients wherever possible. All items are egg and dairy free.


Our catering is low carbon

  • Our ingredients are plant-based with low food miles.
  • Cooking power: electricity from Good Energy, gas from British Gas (we are considering switching to a greener gas supplier).
  • Storage power: All this food will be made fresh and therefore consume no storage (freezer) power
  • Deliver power: deliveries can be picked up by customer or we can deliver by bicycle, or electric van
  • Packaging: is reusable – we take a deposit which is refundable on return of containers.
  • Low waste: we compost our (minimal) food waste and recycle all recyclable packaging.

Click on this link for more information on our water, waste & energy minimisation progress.