Hornbeam Nights – It’s a Thursday Thing!


Hornbeam Nights: I really like it here!
Hornbeam Nights: I really like it here!


Thurs 16th March, Open Decks
Bring vinyl. Spin some tunes. Buy records. Drink a cocktail. Mingle. Dance. Yeah.
Please arrive by 8pm to get your name on the board and make the most of happy hour.

Thurs 23rd March, DJ Night – Dusty Sneakers
Djs Science Man (Babuin) is back with his pal Wilfy G to take to the decks for a night of dusty vinyl, spaced-out house and sneaky, bleepy tech.
Drinks, cocktails, lazers and a little dance floor action.

Thurs 30th March, Film Night – The Divide
The Divide tells the story of 7 individuals striving for a better life in the modern day US and UK – where the top 0.1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%.
On general release in the UK from 22 April – we have a sneak, free preview!
Plus glorious vegan food cooked by the Hornbeam Cafe
Doors open at 6.30pm.   Films start at 7pm

We’re here every Thursday with drinks, music and friendly faces. Join us!

HAPPY HOUR  DRINKS £3 – 7.30-8.30pm

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Thurs 19 Jan – Robin Grey and friends Folk Night

Inspired by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Joanna Newsom, Robin colours in his songs about love and life with guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, double bass, organ, percussion toys and a few other instruments! See website and Facebook for more info [links]

17.30 – family feast

18.30 – 19.30 – Matinee family performance

20.30 Grown-ups performance and party

Thurs 26th January – January Film Night at the Hornbeam – The Gleaners and I
Food served at 6:30, Film starts at 7:15. 80 mins film. Pay by donation.

Award winner at Cannes Film Festival in 2000, this creative documentary film by director Agnes Vada explores the history, culture and contemporary laws of gleaning in France. The film is mostly in French with English subtitles.

….Also find out how to become a Waltham Forest Food Rescuer to help reduce food waste and redistribute food surplus in the borough. Contact poppy@thisisrubbish.org.uk

Thursday 2nd February
The first Thursday of every month brings the latest in independent soul & jazz. Fitzroy Andrew‘s  Soulfulized at East London Radio show. Neo soul, soul, jazz, funk and conscious hip-hop.

Live performance and pre-record conversation with local musician Hannah Ledgewidge a talented multi-instrumentalist. LIVE PERFORMANCE 8pm. Free.

Thursday 9th February

DEEPER GROOVES – A night of dub, dusty house & downtempo electronic music with DJ’s Lounch & Noods. Lazers, grooving and happy hour.

Doors open at 7.30pm till late. Free


Thursday 16th February


Bring vinyl. Spin some tunes. Buy records. Drink a cocktail. Mingle. Dance. Yeah.  Free.


Thurs 23 Feb – February Film night: This Changes everything.

Inspired by Naomi Klein and the issues raised in her brilliant book, Klein and impassioned protesters provide political insight but also hope for the future.

Trailer: https://thefilm.thischangeseverything.org/about/

Doors open 6.30pm, film starts 7pm with glorious vegan food cooked by the Hornbeam Cafe, Doors open at 6.30pm Films start at 7pm. Bar open for local beer, cider, organic wine and cocktails. Free.


Rosamund DJing at Hornbeam Nights
Bring your own vinyl and get your 15 mins of  DJ fame at Hornbeam Nights

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